Our values

“It’s our values that guide us. Values represent our internal compass, the beacon that illuminates our destiny.” (A. Ferrari)

Choosing mosai.co is not just about purchasing a service or shopping around for the best quote. It’s about choosing a philosophy.

We ask for your trust, but what we offer in return will amaze you: innovation, technology, optimization, understanding, competence and building a lasting relationship.

We are confident that working to achieve your goals together and turning your ideas into reality will help you understand how our philosophy is exactly what you were looking for. The key is to count on us.

No company gets it right 100% of the time and we have had our share of missteps, but it is precisely from the lessons learned that we have built the experience necessary to become your ideal partner.

Da dove veniamo

Where we come from

Our know-how comes from the world of broadcasting, from a time when the internet was still new and distinct from television. We were front and center during a decisive moment of transition: the birth of web tv. Traditional broadcasters and media giants tried in vain to adapt to this new medium without taking into account how disruptive it truly was.


La nostra mission

Our mission

The combination of technological service and professional consulting on which we’ve founded our company is the basis for understanding what we do and how we do it.

Our customers always have the freedom to identify the service or product that best suits their needs while having access to our expertise, advice and experience to make the best choice.

Every customer who entrusts us on a project is an objective achieved and each customer who becomes ever more cognizant of his decisions is what makes it all worthwhile.

Il nostro Team

Our (and your) team

We are curious, competent, work with passion and develop and use highly innovative services and products.

Our team has evolved over time, it has grown together with our customers to become an extension of their own companies.

Today mosai.co has a close-knit, empathic team with consolidated experience and know-how that has a common goal: by working together we become one team.

Chairman & Founder: Matteo Forte